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White Paper | Presented by Bitsight

How Automating Third-Party Risk Management Helps Banks and Financial Institutions Address New Regulatory Requirements

Banks & financial firms have long been aware of the need to manage risk in third-party partners & most have a formal program for managing that risk. Yet an existing thirdparty risk management (3PRM) program may not address today's increased levels of outsourcing & new regulatory requirements for cybersecurity. Together, these factors are prompting financial institutions to take a fresh look at the strengths & focus of their 3PRM strategy.

Case Study Red Canary, Inc.

Red Canary's partnership with Farsight Security enables their threat investigation team to stop attacks before they result in breaches. Our Newly Observed Domains (NOD) solution recognizes the first time a domain is used. NOD serves as a primary and secondary indicator of potential threats based on endpoint behavior - regardless of the process that's making the network connection.

Cybersecurity Case Study ThreatConnect, Inc.

Using Farsight's Passive DNS database (DNSDB™), ThreatConnect, a Farsight Security Partner, exposed all of the attackers, those attackers' infrastructures, the attack timeline and new threat intelligence on the adversaries' objectives. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

DNSDB The Security Challenge

Transform threat feeds into Actionable, Relevant Threat Intelligence in Real-time. Farsight Security's passive DNS solutions allow today's corporate threat intelligence teams to better leverage their existing threat intelligence data by adding critical contextual information.

Farsight Security- Global DNS Defense Report

Every person and every organization, big or small, that uses the Internet uses DNS. In this research report, Farsight Security selected the primary domain for nearly 4000 organizations, including leading global corporations and higher education institutions. We then tested those domains using key DNS indicators to assess adoption of emerging technologies and risk exposure.

Newly Observed Domains (NOD)

Overview New domains are created and published every day - but not all of them are created for legitimate purposes. Bad actors use new domains for criminal activities such as spam, malware distribution or botnets within the first minutes of creating them. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

Passive DNS for Threat Intelligence

This whitepaper will provide a brief introduction to our Passive DNS solutions and how they can enhance your threat intelligence for faster, more accurate detection and mitigation of cyberattacks in your organization.

Real - Time Internet Visibility

Farsight Security provides real-time actionable cyber security data solutions for Threat Intelligence, SOC and Incident Response teams. Leveraging a diverse, global sensor array to collect, aggregate and process over 200,000 DNS resolution observations per second, real-time data is made available through the Security Information Exchange (SIE) platform, where it is offered in a variety of real-time solutions and specific data alerts.

Spear Phishing The '#1 Threat...'

Phishing volume is way up, and the nature of phishing campaigns has evolved; criminals count on being more agile than cyber defenders, creating new domains and immediately using them for attacks before domain reputation companies can notice and block them.

White Paper | Presented by Bitsight

Take Control of Vendor Risk Management Through Continuous Monitoring

A study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of BitSight shows why many firms may have a false sense of security with it comes to third-party cyber risk. See key findings and access your free copy here.

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